Shipping, registration :

Our price always include : 

To get the car where it’s located in the US or Canada;
Ocean freight and handling, Us customs and broker, container drayage for warehouse loading,load,block and brace vehicle in container,export title clearance, international courier fee,
License plate on the rear ( Americans are keeping their plates when they sell a car).
Documents :
  • Title or registration
  • Bill of sale
  • Bill of lading
Cars can be shipped either in Ro-Ro ( on the boat deck) or in a container..
Cheapest is Ro-Ro,  but it’s also the most dangerous as Dockers can play with car, parts can be stolen, you can’t put any parts in the car, car can get oxidized on the sea…
We chose quality solutions  to minimize any risk in the shipping :
  • All cars are stored inside either in our shop in Hellertown or at the broker place in New York.
  • We can put some parts in cars and in the container.
  • Car are strongly locked and braced in container.
  • We never put cars on top of each other( cause most of the time some damages on the car underneath, oil leaks, etc) we put 2 cars maximum in a 40″ container.
  • We always provide some pictures form the car loaded in the container.
  • We always provide all documentation to the broker from you country so that you register the car as quickly as possible.
  • More than 90% of people are driving their car back home from the port.
To be known :
  • Batteries must be secured in cars, otherwise broker remove them because of the risk.
  • We can make repairs on cars, complete restorations
  • Transit times depends on the country and also the sea…
  • We are not responsible for any delays on shipping
  • You can subscribe and insurance for you car on the boat, most of the time it’s about 1.45% of the car’s value..
When you go pick-up the car at the port, you should take a can of gas ( tanks are often close to be empty for security reasons), jack, oil, coolant liquid,jumping cables…
Our prices are valid for a certain time only because of the variability of Ocean freight and land transport.
Prices do not include broker fees in your country, car unloading, customs fees.