Sale, research and car export.

American cars and parts has always a choice of cars ready to be shipped, you will find on our site cars available, make your choice and contact us.
We can also search a car on order to find your dream car.If you are tired to look for a car, trust us we can find a car for you, we can find one in the US.
Our prices for our cars in inventory always include shipping to most Europeanan ports.

Transport and car exportation.

You are close to buy a car in the US or Canada and your don’t know how to make happen the deal and ship it to your country, we can take care about everything from the payment ( after we get your bank wire transfer) to the shipping , paperwork..

Restoration. repairs.

You want to get the car you just bought restored, or just have some repairs done, we can do it all, mechanics,body, paint, upholstery

Manual, advertising.

You want the manual , owner manual, advertising from your car, we can find it.

Car rental.

You are looking for a car for an event, a movie, advertising, American cars and parts has a huge inventory of cars available. some of our cars were already rented for the Disney Movie ” Invincible”in 2005.